Secondary Education plays a crucial role in every person’s life and aims to prepare young people for the labor market with a major focus on individuals who leave secondary education for a job. It also focuses on girl’s empowerment, helps to raise individual’s economic status, reduces infant mortality rates, and offers required knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitude which in turn boosts the development of the self and the society. It acts as a barrier for a transition from primary education for minors to tertiary, post-secondary, or higher education for adults.

Let us see what are the major factors that indicate why secondary education is important in every student’s growth:

  1. Reduces Gender discrepancies

Generally, society is more focused on offering secondary education to males when compared to females. Offering quality secondary education for females will help to reduce child marriage rates by 64% and early pregnancies by 59%. Some of the senior secondary school in Chennai like A.A. Matriculation School, Abacus Montessori School, Sri Venkateswara Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Narayana E-techno School, and Velammal Matriculation High Secondary School are planning to conduct various campaigns on gender discrimination and educates the society on offering quality education for both male and female students.

  1. Focus on cutting down of Infant Mortality Rates

As per the recent statistics, approximately 226 million children worldwide are yet to receive quality secondary education, if the govt’s concentrate on offering education to these children, then we can cut down the infant mortality rates at a high rate, this helps us to differentiate ourselves compared to other countries residing worldwide. Providing quality education helps them to efficiently handle the challenges in society and offer at most care for their families.

  1. Increased Earnings and Improved Economies

A quality and focused education by various senior secondary schools in Pallavaram like Modern Seni Secondary School, PSBB Senior Secondary School, Smt Sundaravalli Memorial School, Vani Vidyalaya, Kendriya Vidyalaya, and Brindavan Vidyalaya which helps various students to identify how to get potential earnings in their career growth and opportunities. Such activities also boost economies and reduce poverty rates.

  1. Continuous Enrollments and Attendance

Continuous campaigns on the importance of secondary education from various senior secondary school in Chennai will attract continuous enrollments from various students residing across various emerging and potential areas help them to build a sustainable career for their future. Conducting various activities, designing proper academic plans, sustained education model compared to other states could help the city to differentiate it from other major metropolitan cities.

  1. Child Empowerment

In many metropolitan cities, public schools are not intended to offer free education for some children and most of the children are also facing challenges in purchasing books, other education material, transport, and daily food for managing their day-to-day operational activities. So, children are facing huge challenges in managing their educational activities and struggling to get quality and continuous education. In this regard, some governments planned to implement Child Empowerment-related programs whose major aim is to offer quality education for various children. In addition, the program also aims to set up various day-schools and other educational camps for children who registered under this program. This enhances the GDR rate, increases attendance, and eliminates child labor.


So, I wish to conclude that majority of the best school in Chennai are trying to consider all these factors that help them to educate various parents on the importance of secondary education and how it plays a crucial role in one’s career in the future. Also, governments are planning to implement new schemes and policies related to secondary education which helps various new startups to establish more and more institutions for future generations. It is always recommended to visit the website to know the complete details.