The extensive growth in the corporate world is resulting in increased demand for management experts. Today, almost every university and institute offers postgraduate certifications in management due to the students’ rising popularity. However, students find themselves confused as to which course will be rewarding for them – PGDM in Chennai or MBA.

Before rushing to submit the applications at your dream institute, make sure to get your basics about the two courses cleared. It will help you in making a wiser choice.

Let’s learn about PGDM and MBA in detail:

Diploma Degree

The major difference between the two programs is that – MBA is counted among the degree courses while PGDM is listed as a diploma program. In other words, MBA is conducted by colleges (affiliated to a university) and Universities as it is a degree course. On the other hand, PGDM is provided by AICTE recognized, autonomous institutions with the approval of the Government of India and Ministry of HRD. So, define your choices and career objectives, and then pick a reputed institute according to your preference.


As mentioned earlier, PGDM is provided by autonomous educational institutes, so it is important to be extra careful about validating whether the institute holds the required accreditations. Apply to that institute once the status is confirmed. On the contrary, MBA course is conducted by registered universities. Hence, there are low chances of fraud.

Curriculum and Syllabus 

Generally, the curriculum of the MBA course is created by the university. So you can expect it to be rigid. Also, it means that the syllabus of the MBA colleges affiliated with the same university will be the same. 

On the other side, PGDM College in Chennai designs the course and curriculum of the course. You can expect a flexible curriculum on pursuing PGDM. The institute may add a few changes to the syllabus according to the changes in industry verticals. A PGDM course is more aligned with the corporate world trends making it a more suitable option for management aspirants.

Teaching Methods

Teaching and training are multi-dimensional in the case of PGDM. The activities, including short-term training, cases, simulations, and presentations, are one of the elements of its pedagogy.

On the flip side, MBA’s syllabus isn’t limited to booking concepts. An institute like Rajalakshmi School of Business is focused on the all-around personality development of the students through both theoretical and practical knowledge of the concepts. Visit the website to know more about the institute and its programs.


The difference between the PGDM course and MBA course must be clear to you by now. So, weigh the differences and decide as per your career objectives. Then, ensure whether the offerings and subjects covered in the courses you pick to meet your unique goals.

Once you finalize the course, get started with preparing for the entrance exam to a reputed MBA or PGDM colleges in Chennai or anywhere in India. The time, effort, and money you’ll invest in pursuing the course will fetch you good returns for your entire life. So be very careful when picking a specialization as it will lay a huge impact on your career.