Are you looking for the best hemorrhoid treatment? If yes, then start reading to know your answer. Piles or Hemorrhoid is a disease of inflammation of the veins around the anus and in which warts arise on the anus. These warts can also occur in the outer and inner parts of the anus. Whether warts emerge inside the veins or outside, the person suffering from this disease has to suffer. There are many types of treatments available to cure this disease. Learn the methods of treating hemorrhoids with turmeric in this article.

We use turmeric as a spice in their life and as a medicine to cure inflammation. But apart from spices and inflammation-reducing medicine, it can also be used as a medicine to cure piles. In the following section, the properties of turmeric and its treatment of hemorrhoids are discussed.

Hemorrhoid Treatment With Turmeric.

Most research has shown that turmeric has a tendency to reduce inflammation, which is very useful in this disease. It is also antiseptic as well. For this reason, it is particularly helpful in destroying germs. Due to these properties, turmeric has been used as a wound-healing medicine for centuries. As far as turmeric has a role in eliminating piles, using turmeric in the following methods is beneficial.


Aloe Vera and Turmeric:

Mix one spoon of powdered turmeric with half a teaspoon of aloe vera gel. When a paste is formed, apply it well in the inner and outer part of the anus before sleeping at night. Keep this process running for at least seven days. You will not only feel relief from the piles of piles, but you will also completely overcome this disease.

Petroleum Jelly and Turmeric:

To use both these substances, first of all, you have to take both these substances together and prepare a paste. Do not take more than one teaspoon each. Shortly before going to the toilet, apply it well in the inner and outer parts of your anus. By doing this, you will not experience the pain caused by hemorrhoids while bowing.

Desi Ghee and Turmeric – Best Hemorrhoid Treatment

Make a paste by mixing one spoon of turmeric and one spoon of desi ghee. Apply it both inside and outside of your anus before sleeping at night. By doing this two to three days a week, you will get the benefit and the pain of hemorrhoids will work.

Turmeric with Black Salt:

Jugalbandi of black salt and turmeric is also helpful in the treatment of piles. For this, you will have to drink turmeric powder mixed with black salt in lukewarm water. If you are having trouble drinking hot water, then you can also use goat’s warm milk instead of lukewarm water.

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Radish and Turmeric:

Wash the radish thoroughly and take out the peels. After that put turmeric on it and consume it for two to three days. You will see its beneficial results very soon.

Milk and Turmeric:

The habit of drinking turmeric mixed with milk is the best way to protect the body from piles. This will protect you from hemorrhoids infection and you will also get good sleep.

Apart from the above methods, you can prevent hemorrhoids by using turmeric in the following ways.

  • Mix turmeric in a tub filled with lukewarm water and sit naked at least for half an hour.
  • To avoid irritation from piles warts, crush the seeds of the cirrus tree and mix it with milk and apply it on the piles.

Apart from treating hemorrhoids with turmeric, you can also use other home remedies. Take full care of your food, eat fiber-rich foods, and avoid charred and fried foods. Also, do include exercise in your routine. If you take care of these things, then you will never suffer from piles.