Study curriculum is not everything when it comes to finding the right school for your study. Besides academics, there are several other considerations to keep in mind when seeking admission into one of the top 10 schools in Kukatpally. It is important to consider every aspect of the institution before making your final choice. Check below the list of major aspects that should be considered when checking the institute’s credibility:

Rate of Admission: It is one of the major factors to consider when submitting your application to one of the top educational institutes. Look for schools with lower or higher admission rates depending on your capability and credibility. It’s best to be true to yourself here. Students with good academic history have good chances of getting accepted by institutes with a lower admission rate.

Curriculum and Courses: The curriculum and courses differ from one school to another. It is best to apply to institutes with the advance curriculum. Additionally, the school should also be focused on enhancing the skills and capabilities of its students. Plus, it should also offer its pupils the flexibility of choosing from a wide selection of courses. Don’t forget to check eligibility for admission before submitting your application form.

Commitment for Extracurricular Activities: Students must involve in extracurricular activities for overall development and growth. Activities like debate competition, skit, sports competition, and others help students explore their interests and “hidden” capabilities. The institute should be active in arranging music groups, clubs, or any other activity as it contributes to the learners’ growth and personality development. Plus, it also makes them committed and accomplished leaders.

Qualification of the Teachers Employed in the Institute: The top 10 schools in Kukatpally you shortlist for your study should have well-qualified teachers and expert in their subject. It will be important to ensure that you get the best possible teachers for every subject. Moreover, highly educated teachers hold extensive teaching skills, which could be of huge benefit to you. A little extra research about the institute(s) would ease your selection process.

Size of the School: A reasonable student-teacher ratio helps determine the quality of study provided by the institute to its students and helps in analyzing the school’s overall size. Some students may not be comfortable studying at a big institute, while others may find it small overwhelming. Define your preference and make a choice accordingly.

Conclusion: Sports, location, academic programs, and cost – two or more of these factors might influence your choices majorly. Don’t get caught up in the ranking of the institute when searching for a school. The most crucial factor to consider is the one that seems most important for your good. The rule of thumb is to visit the website of every shortlisted institute to learn more about it. Gather all the necessary details to find the right fit for your schooling.