Advanced technologies such as cloud systems and software applications have revolutionized the way admissions used to occur in the top CBSE schools in Bachupally. Though the new system has eased the admission process, there is still a lot to be done. Let’s understand what the significant challenges faced by students during the admission process in a CBSE school are:

• Manual processes prove to be burdensome for the applicants
Top CBSE schools have digitized the entire process, but the paperwork isn’t eliminated from the process. It is both stressful and time-consuming. Moreover, the manual method is prone to error. The process should be made more efficient so that there are zero chances of missing the application deadlines.

• Technical issues when submitting applications online
Since a significant part of the schools’ admission process has been digitized, things have become much easier comparatively. But still, there is a long way to go when it comes to ensuring quick and efficient submission of applications. It is a real challenge for both students and institutes. According to the studies, around 75% of the applicants face technical issues at login time. However, it is to be noted that this problem’s intensity is less in top CBSE schools in Bachupally.

It results in tension and stress in the minds of students regarding online application deadlines and payments. The institutes should ensure a technically advanced, robust, and responsive website. Online admissions have its fair share of challenges; hence the schools need to facilitate the applicants with a 24X7 facility so that the applicants can submit their applications anytime, anywhere. Plus, the website should include a virtual tour showcasing the details of the institute’s facilities and infrastructure.

• Too much reliability on the test scores for admission decisions
Standard test scores are one of the popular methods used in CBSE schools to determine eligibility for admission. Though it may be an easy and fast-cut way of taking entries, analysis of students’ capabilities should also be added to the process.

• Admissions Cost
Cost of admission is another problem faced by students when submitting their application at a CBSE institute. According to the estimates, the online mode of application submission is costlier compared to the manual process. Due to lack of infrastructure and other reasons, applicants from rural areas bear more costs than urban admission seekers.

The admission cost generally includes the commission of bank, receipt printing chargers, internet browsing charges, transportation charges, challan charges, and more. With all these costs in place, even checking eligibility for admission could be challenging for students who are not financially stable.

Conclusion: Students’ activities, parents, faculty, and staff also have a significant role in the process. The admission process can be made more efficient with synchronized working and intelligent use of automated technology. Also, it is recommended to early with the application submission process to avoid hassles of any kind. Act now to get admission to the best CBSE institute.