Of all the different surveying fields, quantity surveying is one of the best known. New professionals in the field are quite respected as the key players in construction as well as civil engineering projects of different shapes and sizes. However, according to a survey, the shortages of quantity surveyors have been seen. The international demand needs the quantity surveying career path lucrative one for anyone who is looking for a rewarding, fast-moving career in the built environment industry. So read the article below if you are interested in becoming a quantity surveyor.

How to become a quantity surveyor
Those who want to become quantity surveyors should possess a master of quantity surveying degree and some important skills. As the job profile is related to the finance and construction field, the candidates from the engineering or architecture discipline can have an advantage. One can take up a graduate or postgraduate program in quantity surveying to become a professional. They should possess a degree from a recognized institute or university to have a competitive edge. Those who are from a non-engineering background can also take up the course.

Quantity surveyor courses in India
● Graduate Program in Construction Quantity Surveying
● Diploma in Quantity Surveying
● Postgraduate Programme in Quantity Surveying
● Postgraduate Diploma in Quantity Surveying and Contract Management
● MBA in Construction Economics and Quantity Surveying

There are many colleges that offer the above-mentioned courses. Kindly visit the website of such colleges to check out all the information.

The added skills required
Apart from the academic and technical knowledge, the candidate must possess few skills to have a successful career in this field. Some of the skills required are budgeting skills, mathematical skills, problem-solving skills, good financial skills, logical and thinking ability skills, communication skills, negotiation and team-building skills, organizational and planning skills, and leadership skills.

How to progress in your career?
Become an assistant quantity surveyor: For the initial stage, you can apply for an assistant quantity surveyor in the public or private sector nationally and internationally. The different available fields include residential construction, sustainable building, and commercial infrastructure. Employers tend to hire quantity surveyors, who have two to five years of experience as interns or assistants.

Apply for the position of quantity surveyor: You can search jobs online for quantity surveyor, cost engineer for project controls manager. The on the job training is based on your prior experience. Once hired, you might be trained for a few weeks before getting a permanent role. Ace your application and be prepared to impress in the interviews.

Do good at your job: It is important to keep up to date with the technology and strive to meet your client’s needs. Personal, as well as interpersonal skills, are important to the business success of any profession especially quantity surveyor.

Use your experience to branch out: Once you have the experience, you can easily become a senior quantity surveyor. You can also opt for self-employment or work as a freelancer. At this point, you can have more control over your schedule and hours on the job.

So, if you are excited about this job, get admission to one of the recognized colleges and step up.