UX/UI design is a trending and upcoming design specialization which has nowadays gathered many interests. As many businesses are online, the demands for UX and UI designers are also increasing and are becoming one of the important parts of a successful business. However, there is a difference between UX and UI design courses. There are many design institutes offering UX UI design courses in Delhi, like The Design Village, where interested students can enroll now.

Difference between UX and UI design

There is a UX and UI design as UI is a User Interface that deals with everything that a user may interact with at the time of using digital services. The UI design course includes various aspects of digital products like keyboards, screens, light, and sound and encompasses the appearance of the device that the end-user will use. On the other hand, UX is a User Experience Design associated with some improvements to UI; it deals with many aspects of a user’s interaction with an application, product, or operating system. The UX design deals with how a product operates and how it can meet the requirements of a user.

UX/UI course eligibility criteria

Aspirants can pursue the UI/UX design course in Delhi at the undergraduate and postgraduate level from a top institute. they can enroll now if they have passed their 12th from a recognized university. Students from any stream can easily apply for admission for UX/UI design course in Delhi; it is necessary to visit the official website of The Design Village to apply. To pursue a postgraduate UX/Ui course, graduates must have completed their graduations from the recognized institute.

Difference between UX and UI design

Students who want to pursue UX UI design course in Delhi must understand the difference between the two. As we made it clear above, UX design is the process by-products are created that offer meaningful user experience. The main work of UX designers is to spend more time on researching user behavior, testing the product usability, and then adjusting the product offerings. On the other hand, UI design is linked with the visual styling of an app or else website.

Difference between the two

Students must understand the difference between the two

  • UX design is all about research, testing, development, content, and prototyping, and UI visually guides the user through the product interface.
  • UX design is focused on everything that user affect user’s journey, and UI design is a process that focuses on how the specific product surface look and function.
  • UX design cannot be limited to on-screen, and UI design is visual design around screens.
  • UX design is based on the client’s requirements and preferences, and UI design is based on the user’s requirements and research.

UX/UI job roles

There is much confusion regarding UX/UI job titles among students who pursue UX UI design courses in Delhi and want to enroll now. Students must clear the confusion as UX is mistaken as a single career, but in reality, it is an umbrella term or word used for a host of specialized careers. Firstly you must understand that UI and UX designing are two different functions, which may or may not be performed by a single person. There are many career paths after the UX UI design course in Delhi:

  • User Researcher
  • Wireframe Expert
  • Content Strategist
  • Information Architecture (UX Designer)
  • Usability Tester
  • Interaction Designer
  • Visual Designer (UI Designer)
  • UX/UI Developer and it involves coding like HTML, JavaScript, etc.
  • Product Designer

A career in UX or UI after completion of a UX UI design course in Delhi needs a lot of knowledge, creativity, and experience in design, graphics, usability, web design, etc. There are many design institutes like The Design Village in Delhi offering the courses and in which students can enroll now and can visit the official website to know more details.