Nowadays, leading edtech best school support companies are changing the scene of education in India. The leading edtech companies of the country are redefining the proves of learning and contributing towards a bright future for Indian children as well as youth. Nowadays, many technology-driven learning apps are using gaming elements to enhance the learning process for students. These school edtech solutions help students to sharpen their basics in many subjects. These educational apps are popular for their amazing features that help students to perform better in classrooms in comparison to traditional learning.

Top 8 School Edtech Solution Providers in India
Nowadays, the best school support companies are helping learners understand topics better. These new technologies make learning more fun and help students easily understand complex concepts. Many online learning apps are considered the best school edtech solutions that help students make better decisions for their careers and assist them in understanding the practical side of things and connect them to better resources. The list below of the best school edtech solution providers in India that make education better and more accessible for students. Some top names are listed below:

1. EDAC: EDAC is considered one of the best school support companies that are mobility driven and helps educational institutions go digital. The app is exclusively designed as school management software that allows all stakeholders of institutions on a single podium. It is one of the best school edtech solutions with many exciting features comprising exam planner, lesson planning, user directory, timetable management, digital library, level management, etc. It is one of the best school edtech solutions that have changed how students learn.

2. BYJU’s: BYJU’s is another popular edtech startup that provides a learning app that is India’s first personalized learning podium that helps students to visualize their learning experience. It is among the best school support companies that offer online courses and tablet classes, multi-test assignment solutions, personal feedback, and in-depth analysis.

3. Toppr: Toppr is one of the popular school edtech solutions that focus on school curriculum syllabus and entrance examination. It is one of the best learning podiums that offer structured courses complemented by interactive video lectures, practice question sets, an India test series, and doubt clearing. The app provides goal-based learning, performance reports, and courses for concept sheets, Olympiads, and board examinations for students.

4. Unacademy: Unacademy is one of the popular names of best school edtech solutions and is a popular eLearning startup and leading edtech companies in India. It offers courses to many students and toed up with the most experienced teachers to tutor its students. It provides more than 2400 online courses, most of which are free; however, you must pay for the certifications. It is a well-known company that serves as an online craning for many courses.

5. Meritnation: Meritnation is one of the popular school edtech solutions based in Delhi. It is considered the best and most helpful app for online education as it offers learning content for students for classes one to twelfth of all boards, i.e., CBSE, ICSE, and other leading state boards. It is among India’s best school support companies that offer study materials, proficiency tests, and Olympiad packs via a social network-like experience. The app also tracks students’ progress and displays personalized recommendations with analytical data reports.

6. Edukart: Edukart is a leading online platform and one of the best school support companies offering student’s higher education. The institution provides online degrees, diplomas, or certifications from top institutions worldwide. Also, the degree provided by the platform is recognized by all major educational committees.

7. Whitehat education: Whitehat is a popular school edtech solutions which has now a leader of live coding classes that aims to help children be makers of technology. The platform is unique as it assigns a teacher to each and every student. The platform is among the best, offering students many courses and preparing them to enter the highly competitive industry.

8. Masai School: Masai school is counted among the best school support companies and is a not-for-profit technology platform that offers English language learning resources. The company’s primary aim is to equip students with vital English language skills to access opportunities for further study or work at an internationally competitive level. Its primary focus is to make quality education more accessible to every student.

Above is the list of leading best school support companies in India that are continuously pushing what it keeps to be studying and redefining how students learn. The school edtech solutions assist and make education simple and achievable but everyone. These startups assist students in discovering the joy of learning new things and also help them to cultivate the habit of learning the skills that will help them in the long run.