The deadly Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives completely. From business to the education system, it shook every aspect of our lives. The new social norms in place, such as social distancing, have disrupted the education process. The schools remain closed to date, and the teaching process is taking place virtually through the internet.

None, including the international schools, were prepared for this huge shift in the education system. Fortunately, access to the internet, smartphones, and technology made things a little easier for school administration, parents, and students to adopt this major change. The best international school in ECR, like Vaels International School, has already started building a digital environment where students can facilitate top education.

International schools have implemented various strategies to cope with this pandemic, including the ones elaborated below:

Established protocols and preparedness to limit physical contact: To ensure optimal protection of the staff and students, international schools have adopted a digital education model. Plus, the institutes have also enforced preventive actions and established protocols to handle potential cases and illnesses.

The schools have been putting their human resources and infrastructure to good use for addressing the spread of this deadly virus in the communities. Besides, the institutes have also eased the admission process. Students desirous to get admission to an international school can easily submit their application form online, and the rest process follows accordingly.

Focus on upgrading online education infrastructure: Almost every school worldwide chose to close down their premises and conduct online classes to limit the risk of virus spread. However, it is counted as an interim measure, but the approach has proved fruitful so far in reducing the risk.

Closing the premises to reduce the fatality ratio: With the virus becoming deadlier than before, it has become a grave concern, especially for the youth and children. Fortunately, the online mode of teaching-learning has turned out to be a saviour. It has contributed to the low fatality ratio and helped break the chain of virus spread. The best international school in ECR is taking every possible measure to combat the situation and ensure the students’ best possible education.

Using remote education and creative learning resources for mitigating the loss of classroom education: Besides connectivity and infrastructure, administrators’ and teachers’ familiarity with new technology and tools are major factors in facilitating students with flawless distance learning programs. However, adopting the new education models isn’t enough.

Teachers and administration need to be creative enough with their teaching methods to keep the students engaged and interested in the online class. If you are looking forward to enrolling in one of the international schools, please visit the website to check eligibility, education format, and other important information.

Conclusion: The pandemic has impacted almost every country around the world. It’s high time to prepare ourselves for the changes that have already taken place and the ones that are yet to come our way in the future. Schools need to prepare themselves to combat the situation from screening to practising hygiene and ensuring proper facilities for emergencies.