You might have stumbled across BVIEER, the Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of the Environment Education and Research. It is a deemed institute. The major thrusts of the Institute are its wide mandate of teaching, research, and extension. There are many achievements of the Institute, such as the projects and programs that have led to the implementation of environmental education. There are several wildlife institutes in India, but this one stands out from all.

Characteristics of Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER:

There are several institutions Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER actively collaborates with. It has a teaching program that supplements classroom training and fieldwork, projects, internships, group discussions, and seminars. The Wildlife Conservation Action Courses in Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER make it one of the best Environment Science College. The Institute has a range of research programs, outreach programs, and integrated academics that greatly strengthens the academics. The Institute sees to it that the objectives are met and that one has acquired a high level of attainment of the required skills. The Institute has left no stone unturned in inculcating and imbibing a pro-level environmental attitude.

Wildlife Conservation Course at Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER

The Institute encourages several field visits of students to natural resources such as the Wildlife Sanctuaries. They see that students detect the problems and work towards their betterment. The faculty at the Bharati Vidyapeeth undertakes different types of consultancy projects affiliated with various organizations. Some of the projects are funded by governmental organizations such as the Ministry of Science and Technology and Central Zoo Authority to improve research and development. Many wildlife institutes in India have pledged to better some of the colossal issues faced by the natural habitats at the wildlife reserves.

Most students come here to study diploma in Wildlife Conservation. It is a multidisciplinary approach. This approach integrates the science of wildlife conservation. It also manages and mitigates the wildlife conflict. An ecosystem called the ecological system is a geographical area that consists of all the organisms such as plants and animals in which they interact with one another to form a bubble of life. This course at Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER provides an in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem. Biodiversity conservation is also an important factor that needs to be looked upon. It means to protect and manage the biodiversity for obtaining the resources for the sustainable development of the species of the ecosystem. There are many things one should prioritize. The sole motive of biodiversity conservation is to save plant and animal species from extinction. The four main entities in the process are the water balance, soil ecology, species balance, and genetics.

The course also exemplifies its extensive research and sees that the depletion of resources is minimized and that the resources are preserved. It is very important to use resources rationally. Biodiversity includes all the species, from plants to microorganisms.

Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER believes that the cognitive aspects and the technological skills go hand in hand together, so they enhance the knowledge of the students accordingly. The Wildlife Trust of India, which was formed in 1998 in the city of New Delhi, is an Indian Nature Conservation organization. The organization was formed in response to the rapidly deteriorating condition of our country’s wildlife. There are six priority landscapes in different parts of the country Wildlife Trust of India operates. The Diploma in Wildlife Conservation action course is being implemented in close collaboration with WTI (Wildlife Trust of India). This Institute is actively involved in the action based on wildlife research.

This course is expanding horizons at the national and international levels. Bharati Vidyapeeth IEER is one of the best wildlife institutes in India, and you can apply for admission now.