A product design course teaches students how to conceptualize and plan the development of goods that are appropriate for modern lives. Several institutions in India provide product design programs to develop creative talent and provide hands-on instruction. In this article we have compiled a list of the best product design colleges in India students can enroll in.

Top Colleges For Product Designing in India 2022

The Design Village – Best College For Product Design Course

Students who desire to work in the design industry can take a product design course at The Design Village, one of the best product design colleges in Delhi. Students can enroll in a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or a 2-year Master’s degree in product design courses at the institute. The college equips the students with a variety of design skills and ways of thinking that enable them to express their design concepts. The course emphasizes process-driven assignments that look at every facet of industrial design, from conception to execution. The course discusses in detail the process of designing a product, selection of materials, manufacturing processes, creating models, product ergonomics, and prototyping among others.

Unitedworld Institute of Design

Unitedworld Institute of Design in Gandhinagar provides B.Des courses in product design. The product design course imparts in-depth knowledge of design practices with a focus on design concepts and user-centred approaches. Through the courses, students develop managerial, technical, and critical thinking abilities that are in line with the modern workplace. To add value to the lives of people through the products they use, the students are prepared to explore innovative thinking and problem-solving techniques. Students learn about important components of design professionals throughout the course, such as creativity, technology, manufacturing, aesthetics, etc.

ARCH College of Design and Business 

Students can enroll in ARCH College of Design and Business in Jaipur for product design courses. Through the undergraduate and postgraduate program, topics like ergonomics in design, function, form, and reliability as well as utilitarian concepts of product design are discussed. The college sets high requirements for professional capability by combining traditional and digital crafts.

Raffles Design International – A Renowned Product Designing College

Mumbai’s Raffles Design International provides product design courses with the best instructors and cutting-edge equipment. The full process of product design, from concept genesis to commercialization, is covered in the program. The course provides advanced knowledge in fields including manufacturing, model-making, presentation techniques, rendering, and drawing that are of importance to product design candidates.

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology 

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology in Bangalore offers Degree Program in product design. The technical, artistic, and graphic skills needed to produce aesthetic product designs are discussed in detail in the product design courses. Learners gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and components of product design through the courses. The institution’s product design courses give students hands-on instruction to pursue lucrative careers after completion of studies.

Pearl Academy 

Pearl Academy in Delhi offers 4 years UG Program to train students to design and manufacture items such as electronic and smart devices, appliances, tools, equipment, etc. Students gain design expertise and the knowledge to use technological tools to develop aesthetic products that are of use to mankind. The college offers product design courses in Delhi to train students on how to apply creativity and innovation to solve critical problems. The course helps learners to develop as creative innovators, agile thinkers, and up-to-date designers.

Product design is one of the most lucrative and rapidly expanding job possibilities in the world today. The quick changes in the industry have multiplied the demand for product design courses among learners. Through technical training in this sector, students can get success in their professional careers.


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