There are many construction and project management courses for students who wish to make a career in this creative field. MBA in Construction Project management is a specialization that focuses on tools, methods, techniques, management, risk aspects, legal framework, infrastructure, business environment, valuation and marketing

About constructional project management
Constructional project management is a stream that is all about planning, controlling, and coordinating all aspects of a project. The main aim of construction project management is to meet all the client’s requirements and deliver the project in an economical and viable way. People with a degree in construction and project management courses are selected to do this job as they are appointed construction managers. Their main duties are to:

• Supervise and manage the contractors and workers at the project site.
• Discuss and meet projects with architects.
• Work closely with civil engineers.
• Discuss project related matters with trade employees.
• Address any emergency or any kind of work delays.

A career in Construction project management
Nowadays, rapid growth can be seen in the construction sector and thus, construction management is counted among the top branches of management. This sector creates jobs in comparison to other branch of management. It is the top career choice among students with an MBA degree earned from many best institutes and for civil engineers and architects. The field of construction project management is a vital part of the industry, and it comprises major sectors, including commercial, residential, industrial, heavy civil engineering, and environmental.

Why should students pursue MBA in construction project management?
Choosing to pursue the construction and project management courses will add value to students resume. MBA in construction project management is currently in demand and offered by many best colleges in India. The course’s curriculum is big data, building information modelling, artificial intelligence, loT, blockchain, and the latest project management software. Students who want to pursue the course should apply now for admissions to keep pace with the industry new-age work styles and live up to their expectations.

Some main functions of construction project management
After the completion of the degree course, a project manager can plan all aspects of projects that have to deliver. The person is responsible for many things pre and post-construction, and he is liable to work closely with architects, engineers to bring out the best outcome. The project manager will work in the below-listed areas:

1. Planning: The project manager will do short term and long term planning to ensure compliance and regulatory. He has to
• Write contracts
• Plan estimated costs and timeframes
• Market research
• Monitor processes
• Write proposals for tenders

2. Target setting: project manager has to set targets along with time frames. He should know how to structure the milestones and should complete the project within the specified time limit.

3. Budgeting: The project manager has to allocate and request money. Also, one of the vital job roles is to estimate quotes in construction. He has to ensure that every penny is very well accounted for in budget reports.

4. Contracting: The project manager’s duty is to draw up accurate contracts and ensure every party’s requirements as per the signed contract.

5. Communication: Communication with the team and the client is the major responsibility of the project manager. He has to communicate to ensure transparency and smooth operations.

Many companies hire project managers as they help them manage risks. He is the person who oversees the planning and delivery of construction projects to ensure work on time and without any hurdles. There are many colleges offering construction and project management courses. Students who wish to pursue this should visit us at the official website of RICS SBE, Amity University. The institute offers an MBA in construction project management and strives to expose students and academics to the latest technologies and systems. Interested candidates can visit the website and apply now for admissions.